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  • How are my file and records managed?
    Luc’s practice operates using an online practice management software called Jane App. During sessions together, he will be taking notes electronically on your file. You may request access to your file which can be reviewed together with Luc and a printed copy provided to you. The practice must retain your records for at least 7 years following the last contact. If the client was under 18 at the last contact, the practice must retain records 7 years following the day they would have become 18. When setting up a consultation or session with Luc, you will receive all the information and policies that you can review before consenting to disclose any personal health information. This platform is designed to comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). As a practitioner in Ontario, the practice will uphold the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). This includes payment information, identifying information and family history, for example. Luc’s responsibility involves but is not limited to: keeping records up to date and secure; obtaining consent when collecting and disclosing personal health information as needed. For more information on Jane App’s security, privacy and policies please click here or contact Luc Grey at
  • What are my rights as a client and confidentiality?
    Luc takes the confidentiality of his clients very seriously. They are required to obtain your informed, written consent before releasing or obtaining any information except where authorized by legislation or directed by the courts. These exceptions are as follows: (a) If it is my opinion that a child is or may be at risk of abuse or neglect, or in need of protection; (b) If it is my opinion that you or another person is at clear risk of imminent harm (c) If I am called to speak in legal matters where keeping confidentiality would be in contravention of the law I occasionally discuss my work with other counsellors and my supervisor. While I may disclose information for the purpose of a professional consultation, your identity will remain confidential. If you have any questions about client rights or confidentiality, please reach out to Luc at
  • What are my responsibilities as a client?
    The client has the responsibility to engage to the fullest of their capacity during their session. This includes treating Luc with respect and courtesy and supporting an inclusive environment. It’s important for the client to consider their wellness and reflect on when it’s best for them to reschedule sessions to support their own capacity. It is up to the client to ensure they communicate to the best of their ability and keep Luc updated with any changes to their appointment(s). The client is responsible for any fees for services due.
  • What are the costs of your services? And how/when do I have to pay?
    Standard rate: Luc’s fee is $80 +HST for virtual/walking sessions (50-minutes) and $95 +HST (for in-person sessions (50-minutes). If clients are wanting to book greater than a 50-minute session can discuss with Luc on an as-needed basis and the fee will be adjusted accordingly. Initial 20-minute virtual consultations are available at no cost. Sliding Scale rates: Luc offers a limited number of spaces on his caseload dedicated to providing sliding scale rates. These spaces are available on a first come first serve basis and can be indicated when you complete your potential client intake form before your consultation. Sliding scale range is between $65-95$ +HST. Low-cost rate: *Not currently availble* Luc offers a limited number of spaces on his caseload dedicated to providing low-cost rates. These spaces are available on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 8 sessions. If a low-cost option is what you’re looking for please be aware of the minimum contribution of $40 plus HST . At the end of the session, clients will receive an email invoice to be paid upon receipt. Luc accepts payment by Interac e-transfer and credit card. For no-shows or late cancellations, an invoice will be issued and if a client pays by credit card, their account will be charged and a receipt will be issued. Luc will not rebook clients who have an outstanding balance without communication and payment arrangement.
  • Does OHIP cover your services?
    Many of the helping professions such as; psychotherapy, social work and social service work are regulated health professions in Ontario. But when offered through private practice they are not covered by OHIP. You can access care providers that are covered or funded by OHIP, goverment grants, or donations through hospitals, provincial clinics or community organizations. A good place I suggest to start if you’re looking for no cost services or for more information is by visiting Wellness Together Canada or Goodhead.
  • What if I don't show, reschedule, cancel or am late for a session?
    Luc requires 24-hour notice minimum to reschedule or cancel appointments. If notice of cancellation or rescheduling is not given with this 24-hour minimum, the client will be charged the full amount for the session. Clients must make their best effort to communicate if they’re running late or if there is a need to reschedule or extend the session (time and capacity permitting) . If the client is not able to stay for the scheduled time, they will still be required to pay the full amount.
  • Would my health benefits cover your services?
    As a select few private insurers recognize social service workers in their private insurance benefits package, Luc does not currently offer direct billing or invoices for purposes of insurance reimbursement. This is subject to change if a client is looking for regular sessions and has confirmed that their insurance provider will cover practitioner services provided by social service workers. Please email Luc at to discuss if you feel this may apply to you or if you have any related questions.
  • What are the differences between counselling, coaching and psychotherapy?
    Starting with the similarities the three terms above find commonality within the theoretical approaches and skills involved. Counselling focuses more on the therapeutic relationship and overcoming barriers, and challenges and focuses on growth and development. Coaching offers more encouragement and support from a non-therapeutic approach. Psychotherapy allows for a more narrowed focus on pathologizing and diagnosing thoughts or behaviours. The three roles above can often intertwine especially when a practitioner is trained and experienced in these roles. Having the training and tools to adapt to your client's needs is such a benefit and truly enables a more supportive helping session. Reference Young, M. (2021). Chapter 1 Helping as a Personal Journey. (7th ed.). Learning the art of helping: Building blocks and techniques. (pp. 8-11). Pearson.
  • How can I access in-person sessions?
    In-person sessions are available to clients who are located within the Toronto area. Luc rents space at two locations: Cedar Chrstie Wellness Centre: Bloor and Christie, near the Christie TTC subway station Toronto Wellness Collective College and Bathurst. Clients can select which location that they would like to access when they book their session(s) on the Jane app. *Before a client can access an in-person session they would need to participate in a virtual consultation session (camera on or off) as a perspective client. This helps to establish the foundation for an in-person experience and ensure we're a good match in the counselling relationship and approach. In-person session do include an additional cost to consider of $15 per session.
  • How can I access walking sessions?
    Walking sessions are available to clients who are located within the downtown Toronto area or able to commute to an agreed-upon location. Before a client can access a walking session they would need to participate in one 'new client' virtual/in-person session to establish the foundation for an walking experience. This includes; setting boundaries, rules for running into a familiar person, safety assurance and meeting location. Once there's an agreement, the client can book their next session for a walking session as a new/ongoing client depending on the number of sessions participated in. (new client = 4 sessions, ongoing 5+ sessions). The walking session takes place at an agreed-upon public location such as a park or green space. The client will be prompted to review and complete a specific consent form to prepare and confirm this session. Clients who do not complete this form before the session will be contacted and if needed the session will be cancelled.
  • How can I access virtual sessions?
    Virtual sessions are available to clients who are located within the Ontario. Before a client can access a virtual session they would need to participate in a no cost virtual consultation session as a perspective client. This helps to establish the foundation for your interest and goals for counselling and to ensure we're a good match in the counselling relationship and approach. Benefits to consider: Can participe in sessions anywhere across Ontario Attend a session from the comfort of your home/living space Ability to be more selective with practitioner or approach No additional time/commute costs Risks to consider: Reliance on internet connectivity + camera use Limits non-verbal communication and insights Comfort in discussing vulnerable topics where others may potentially overhear
  • Do you follow a code of ethics?
    As a Registered Social Service Worker, Luc is responsible for applying and upholding the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set out by the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. You can access and download these documents by clicking this link.
  • Do you receive supervision?
    Luc envisions the profession of counselling as a community. It cannot be done alone. To be supported in this work, Luc has a consulting practitioner who helps them in a consulting mentor capacity. Jared Dalton, MSW, RSW is a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist. As a consultant, he will not have access to case notes. He supports Luc by attending periodic meetings to discuss their caseload and any approach needs.
  • Do you have insurance to practice?
    Luc Grey Counselling is covered by professional liability insurance by Prolink.
  • When would Luc refer me to another practitioner?
    If Luc feels that he is ill-equipped to meet the client’s needs, they may refer the client to a more specialized provider, out of respect for the client and his ethical obligations. If financial matters present a barrier to the client, they will also refer clients to subsidized clinics and providers.
  • Are you on social media? What kind of advertising do you do?
    Luc Grey’s services are listed through on the Psychology Today and Affordable Therapy directories and by encouraging word-of-mouth referrals. Luc is also a member of the Toronto Wellness Collective. Luc Grey Counselling can be found on Instagram and Facebook Page under the handle @lucgreycounselling and Luc Grey Counselling. These accounts will be used for professional networking, community awareness, sharing mental health-related information and educational purposes. Please be aware that Luc will not engage socially with you on these accounts as they are not used for coordinating services or providing forms of care. Luc requests that you only email or access the features in your Jane account for scheduling and services provided by Luc.
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