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Ongoing Client

 50-Minute Session

Ongoing Client: Resources

Been a client for five sessions:

You’re able to reserve designated booking spots each week. This provides you with peace of mind for a regular session, but it’s flexible. If you’re not feeling a session this week, you’re welcome to cancel or reschedule for another date.

You can also purchase service package credits (up to one month at a time). This provides you with the benefit of not needing to worry about payment after each session. This is optional and available if desired. 

Being able to establish regular sessions on your account will be a feature enabled for you by Luc. He will send you an email about this to provide additional information.

Book A Session

Access your account login page, through your email or by clicking book an appointment from Luc’s website. 

Please email Luc if you have any account login issues.

Location and Type of Session

Select the location type; virtual/in-person options, practitioner and ongoing client session. (In-person/walking is available for clients in Toronto, On.

Select the Date and Time

If you don’t see a time of day or day of the week that works for your availability, please email Luc directly at

and let him know when would be ideal for you. While there is no guarantee that Luc will be able to adjust his schedule, they intend to be flexible where possible.

Confirm Your Booking

You will receive an email confirming your booking and a request to complete a brief session form (less than 5-minutes).

The session form will support us both by preparing and setting intentions for the session and providing Luc with any necessary information. The form includes the ability to only complete the fields you are comfortable with.

Session Reminder

You will receive an email reminder of your upcoming appointment and be provided with the virtual meeting information. You also have the opportunity to edit your session form if needed. If at this point you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so 24 hours before your appointment

Attend Your Session

Attend your in-person or virtual session.

Post Session

You will receive your invoice to be paid upon receipt for the attended session. Payment options can be managed on your Jane account. If you need any support with this, please reach out to Luc.

Ongoing Client: List
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